About Us


BH Circuits was established in 1984 as the electronics division of BHC International RDT.  The founder Bryan Hall, ran an active research and development program creating sophisticated technology for the next generation of beauty equipment. In 1999 they began specializing in SmartPeel Microdermabrasion and Soundskin Phototherapy systems.

The unique technology of the SmartPeel crystal Microdermabrasion system has become synonymous with cutting edge technology and unsurpassed reliability.

BHC were the originators of the 3-in-1 treatment of red and blue light therapy in conjunction with crystal Microdermabrasion treatments in 2001. Now copied by many manufacturers, phototherapy and skin exfoliation is recognized as one of the main rejuvenation procedures.

The new generation of SmartPeel Diamond systems have been built to the same exacting standards to become the choice of laser clinics, MediSpas and practitioners who require a crystal free environment for resurfacing, stimulation and rejuvenation procedures.

With thousands of system supplied worldwide, the Made in England  badge on all SmartPeel systems guarantees quality.

Give your clients the safe smooth exfoliation they demand with SmartPeel Microdermabrasion.