Smart Peel Oxygen Infusion

+ Red and Blue LED Phototherapy

smart peel oxygen ledSmart Peel Oxygen infusion technology is a unique delivery system using advanced chemistry to promote new skin cell proliferation. A professional range of natural gels and activators will repair and restore the lost vitality to the epidermal layers. No matter what skin type or color a standalone treatment will brighten a dull complexion. A course of treatments twice a week for three weeks will give your skin a youthful healthy appearance to combat your specific epidermal concerns. We recommend Skin for Life advanced product technology to enhance the results of a Smart Peel Crystal or Diamond Microdermabrasion facial. After a deep exfoliation the skin is receptive to oxygen infusion therapy, followed by red and blue LED phototherapy to give your clients the ultimate facial experience.

Benefits of Phototherapy

Phototherapy is beneficial for all facials, red LED wavelengths penetrate the epidermal layers to stimulate fibroblast activity to improve collagen and elastin production for new cell growth. Red wavelengths are anti-inflammatory and blue wavelengths are anti-bacterial to penetrate the pores of acne prone skin and intensify the overall rejuvenation benefits. After a deep cleansing microdermabrasion facial the skin is receptive to Oxygen Infusion and Phototherapy, a course of treatments will leave the skin silky smooth. Give your clients the ultimate facial experience, and rediscover the lost vitality and radiance of a youthful looking complexion.


NEW Smart Peel machines have a 2 year conditional warranty. All Smart Peel systems sold and serviced by BHC International USA or Soundskin LLC have been supplied by BHC International in the U.K. a registered FDA Medical Device Manufacturer.